Michelle Wilson

Hi, my name is Michelle. 

I am married with three beautiful and very unique daughters, two homegrown and one from Africa. Apart from being The Captain's wife and my girls' mama, I also enjoy my role in the education profession as a high school librarian. A National Board Certified Teacher, my newest adventure in the education world is pursuing a PhD in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

Currently loves: my work, our new home, this new and improved beautiful bliggety blog, and Birmingham in the Spring
Hates: insomnia, BBQ, and marshmallows

The Captain Matt Wilson

The Captain

Husband of over a decade, this guy is pretty much the best it gets in a life partner. Dude is tough, talented, hilarious, wise, loves his family, and never hesitates to put our needs before his own. He spends his days helping impoverished children and the rest of his time being good to his girls. Once, after watching an episode of Little Bear, in which LB visits his father who is a boat captain, our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to call her daddy Captain, too. Given that he naturally takes charge in pretty much every situation, it stuck.

Currently loves: coaching Sassafras's softball team, exotic meat jerky (think buffalo, alligator, etc.)
Hates: unclogging drains



Our eldest is nine, and she is the wittiest little preteen around. She loves attention, loves to try new things, and really thrives in school. Two seconds around Sassafras and you'll know she was made to be a big sister. Being "in charge" is. her. forte. 

Currently loves: Minecraft, silly videos, softball, and all things Harry Potter
Hates: Wearing socks. 



Meet the middlest. Seven-year-old Pearl came to us from Africa several years ago, and God has used this little girl in more ways than one to change our family from the inside out. Adoption and the plight of the orphan are a big deal to us, meaning they'll be frequent topics here. Pearl Girl is doing a great job adjusting to big school, and one of my favorite things about her is that even though you may think she's not listening, she has the very best memory of any person you'll ever meet. 

Currently loves: swimming, art class, and all things Slytherin
Hates: the dark and thunderstorms


Sweet Love

And this is our littlest. At four years, thus far she has been the single grandest surprise of our life. We spent nine months wondering just what the heck we were going to do with another baby, but now we simply cannot imagine our world without her. She is such a beauty but also a feisty hot mess, being part goat and also having struck upon the Terrible Twos a bit earlier than we had anticipated. We rest in the reassurance from our pediatrician that they're all basically bipolar.

Currently loves: Ninja Turtles and chocolate milk
Hates: when "the stisters" won't let her play