Real Freedom: A Noonday Giveaway

Yesterday was Independence Day in Pearl Girl’s country of birth. We had too busy a day for a formal celebration, but we DID talk about Independence Day and freedom and a tiny bit of history, sing a little made-up song, and give a celebratory shout out to some friends. I say without hesitation that Uganda is constantly on our hearts. We have Ugandan news sources and blogs in our feeds, artwork on our walls, flags and photos in our home, books on our shelves, dresses in our closets, and spices in our pantry. Because of the way God used Uganda to form our family, it will always have a powerfully magnetic hold on us because we love it and its people and its holidays so very much. Especially the big ones like Independence Day!

On a daily basis, we are trying to teach these little munchkins, though, that real freedom isn’t found in democracy or government or being liberated from colonial conquest. Real freedom is found in the hope we have to face the unknown of each and every day because of our faith in God’s beyond-brilliant plan for each of our lives. Real freedom is knowing we can trust Him even more than we can trust that the sun will rise tomorrow.

This kind of real freedom is something that I see all over Noonday Collection. Noonday is a faith-based organization that exists to support vulnerable families in 10 countries worldwide through dignified jobs at living wages, no-interest loans, scholarships, emergency assistance, and long-term trade relationships. Through each of these, women who may have otherwise been oppressed by poverty and forced to give up their children are now able to keep their families intact. Because there are so many vulnerable children without parents due to other causes, Noonday also partners with adoptive families to raise awareness and funds to help bring their children home. Noonday strategically uses all of these partnerships and resources to leave a lasting impact on people all over the not only help them provide for their families today, but also to trust in the One who brings real freedom in this life. 

They are covering many bases in the orphan care world, and they are doing it really well.

Orphan prevention is not a new song around here, so it is no surprise that since I really took the time to research this company, their methods, and their fantastically-unique jewelry and accessories, I got super excited about supporting this organization. The pieces I have purchased include this gorgeously upcycled strand of artillery casings from Ethiopia and these fun little bangles made from the ethically-harvested horns of water buffalo in Vietnam.

I’m all about some Noonday, friends, so we are passing the word on to as many people as possible. One of my fellow adoptive mama friends has graciously agreed to share the Noonday vision and love with you sweet readers here at A Southern Ruckus.

Complete one or all of the entries below to qualify for a chance to win a strand of these new Dainty Paper Beads made by artisans in….you guess it…Uganda!

Entries will be open until Sunday night at midnight. Our winner will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter and announced here Monday morning by 9am. Come back each day for more chances to win! In the meantime, go check out Baylor’s Noonday site. You will love this organization!