Way Back Wednesday

Adoption blog, star date March 2009

What's Way Back Wednesday?

The Wilsons are going where?

Yep, that's right. We're going to Africa. Before you start start flipping out, let me clarify by saying that we are going to Africa only temporarily, and we are going to adopt a beautiful little baby girl.

Why beautiful? Because God made (will make) her.

Why a little baby? Because we feel like maintaining natural birth order is important to both Sassafras and Pearl. We wouldn't have a problem with bringing home a big beautiful girl, but Sassafras would and that's enough for us.

Why a girl? Because kids in almost any country in Africa are suffering, but girls are REALLY suffering because there is such little respect for women. The US Representative in Pearl's country has even spoken out to the African people about violence against women.

Now the big question that's on most of your minds...WHY AFRICA? Because God said so, that's why.

We have talked casually about adoption for a long time, even before we got married. Only two people knew this before I posted it here, but it took us so long to get pregnant with Sassafras that we had actually already received and partially completed an application for adoption right before we finally saw a positive sign on a preg test!

Once (years ago), there was a little kindergartener at my school whose foster family was mistreating him and DHR was involved. It broke my heart and I wanted to bring him home. We even tried, but because at that time we were only 24, we were ineligible to act as foster parents.

Again (about a year before Sassafras), we were talking with a family about the possibility of adopting a very unexpected baby they were struggling to care for. All that to say this...adopting is not a big deal to us.

Some people say they couldn't do it and treat the child exactly as though they were biological. Don't get me wrong, we know this is going to be no walk in the park, but we also know that this is clearly something the Lord has for us in His plan for our lives, therefore, we are going to be obedient!

At this point, we are trying to gather our plan of attack, so to say. We've talked with the international social worker at our agency several times, and have been to at least one informational meeting. Don't even ask me how much time we have put into our own independent research for this thing.

However, it does seem to be that with every question we get answered, there come about 3 more in its place, so this (from the get-go) is going to be both an educational process and a faith journey for our family.

You may be wondering what we need. I'll tell you. We need you to pray for us. Pray already for a smooth process, for Pearl's health and safety, for Sass to be the best big sister in the world, and for safe travels while we are in Africa.

Please continue to check back here for updates, and strap yourselves in...it's gonna be quite a ride!

*Oh my, was it ever. Worth it, though. Worth every single bit.