Way Back Wednesday

Mommy Diaries, star date March 2008
What's Way Back Wednesday?

It's official. I am an idiot. (Most of you are going, "What else is new?!") No, but seriously. I thought I had recovered nicely from pregnancy brain and was well on my way to my former all-together, organized self.

Lately it seems like I have taken 2 steps backward. This morning I got to the end of my normal shower routine and honestly could not remember whether or not I had bathed! (Have no fear, I re-washed, just in case!) Last week on my way home I was turning right at a green light and could not remember whether the person across from me trying to make their left turn in the same direction as me was supposed to go first or second. Basic traffic rules!

 Earlier this week I made 2 or 3 slip-ups with paperwork at school. Nothing life altering, but it bugged me nonetheless because I have always been on top of things.

I think ahead.
I plan and schedule and make lists!
I declared when Sassafras was born that I wanted to be The Mom Who Thinks of Everything.

Yeah, so much for that... How come I seem to be losing it?! Someone PLEASE tell me it gets better!

*Ha. Haha. Hahahahahaha. Yeah, no. It doesn't get better.