Way Back Wednesday

Lord willin' and the Creek don't rise, this will be the last Way Back Wednesday post on this version of A Southern Ruckus. Check back in the next few days for a jazzy new upgrade!What's Way Back Wednesday?

*Originally posted March 6, 2009 on Mommy Diaries. 

The Silver Lining 

Sass hit the "Terrible Twos" earlier than most kids, about when she was 17 months old. She does a little better each day, but for the most part her personality right now consists mainly of tantrums over very trivial things, including HOW I PEEL HER BANANA! (Ridiculous, but the only "fit-proof" way to do it is to give her the banana, let her look at it, she gives it back and ASKS for it to be peeled, and you peel it. If you do any of these steps out of order you are asking for trouble and that is a fact.)

Matt and I have talked a few times about how much easier life was with Sassafras when she was a baby. She was less mobile (as in, she stayed where we put her rather than risking her life and mobility by jumping off tables and standing in chairs), less verbal (no screaming loud enough to set off the alarm or whining NONONONO when she isn't getting her way), and less needy (she wants to color and do puzzles and play outside by herself, but really that means she wants you. Right there. The whole time. Doing nothing else but watching her.). Parenting a toddler is tiring, and parenting this toddler is pure exhausting!

However, I've been thinking lately that while this is by no stretch one of my favorite ages of hers, Sassy's "Terrible Twos" are pretty terrific. Yes, she whines and screams and pitches tantrums, BUT I do remember how she was such a late talker and how I yearned to hear her say "Mama." It still feels so great to hear her say my name, even if it is Mamamamamamamamamamamamama. I also love talking WITH her. Sure, a baby can't talk back or tell you no, but you can't have a conversation with a baby, either. The stuff she comes up with on her own amazes me, and I  really enjoy seeing her grow and develop mentally. I love our little exchanges, and it's great hearing her copy Matt's or my own mannerisms with her own little Sassafras-twist. Adorable!

I had Spring Book Fair this week at school, so one afternoon I took Sass up there to check it all out and look around. A baby wouldn't appreciate a book fair, but my oh my, my big girl did! She oohed and aahed over everything, and even picked out a book and light-up bouncy ball for me to buy. I love sharing this part of my life with her!

Another cool thing about her current age is the food element. It's true that Sass's eating habits vary wildly with her moods, but she's generally a very low-maintenance eater. We don't have to carry bottles or water or formula or jars of food around anywhere! Everywhere we go, she eats what we eat. Very convenient!

It was wonderful to hold Sassafras when she was a baby and look at her for hours, but even though she won't sit still for very long now, I like to observe her as she figures things out and I marvel at how smart she is and how quickly she catches on to things.

One of our favorite aspects of Big Girl Sass is that she will go and fetch things for us around the house. It's awesome to have her bring me a blanket when I'm cold or turn the lights off if it is too bright. She's pretty handy!

Hands down, the absolute best thing about Sassafras not being a baby anymore is.....sleeping all night!

So, when I think about all these great aspects of her current age, it's easy to see that the Big Girl benefits of Big Girl definitely outweigh the Baby. There's something great to life with an almost 2-year-old after all!

*By the way, life with my big girls has proven that the twos really weren't all that bad. It's the threes that have nearly put me in the grave.