techKNOW parenting

Recently I had the honor of being invited to share at a Parenting Academy sponsored by our church.

Are you busting a gut laughing at that statement? Yeah, me too.

Suffice it to say, I was well out of my league. Two high school counselors shared about modern fads in drug consumption and helpful warning signs for parents. A pediatrician presented a wealth of information regarding legal and ethical dilemmas in teen health. The Captain's topic was the scariest of teenagers think. My piece of the pie was technology trends and issues.

I soaked up every single bit of information shared by the experts. Though all our girls are just kindergarten or below, Lord willing they will become teenagers one day.

Just threw up a little bit.

It was hard, hard stuff, y'all. Don't get me wrong. Teenagers are exciting people to be around. I'm surrounded by them all day long and though it can be difficult to focus while they are flittering and fluttering around, I really do love hearing them think out loud. What a fun time in life...being just on the verge of adulthood and with very big and important thoughts about life beginning to form, sprinkled with plenty of humor (both intended and un).

But y'all. They deal with some serious junk.

Over the month leading up to the event, I conducted lots of informal research on the topic, including conversations with students about apps they use as well as gathering feedback from a school administrator, wife of a former school resource officer, and my own school's SRO about common problems they see with teens and technology. I felt pretty confident sharing some of those as cutting edge, because they are newish apps, websites, etc.

The problem is, this stuff pops up like weeds! Any parent striving to remain informed about the trends in technology that may impact their kids will struggle to stay ahead of or even with their children's consumption of the stuff.

My hope is that by continuing the research and sharing periodically here, I can provide at least a small measure of support to those mamas and daddies who just want to be good parents and know what their kids are up against.

Have techKNOW parenting topics to share? Let me know here!