May in a school

Testing and equipment inventory and short fuses and too much and too little and IEP season and worn out teachers and PLPs and stacks upon stacks of papers to grade and everything was due yesterday and reports and cleanup and storage and summer prep and parent conferences and where did I put that list of Edmodo codes and overdue notices and quarterly exams and kids on the brink and lesson plans and library book inventory and special events and equipment breaking at the worst possible moment and dozens of young children wanting you to look at them right now and listen to them right now and and losing your planning period every day for two weeks and network outages and notes from parents starting out with MY CHILD SAID and Teacher, so and so is looking at me and reset your password but only in this format and grades are due and can you please attach this file for me and the kids breaking staplers and voice mails from parents and don't miss this very important meeting and don't you dare skip out on that highly essential professional development workshop and the copier is broken again and learn this new time clock system or else and Teacher, so and so hit me and and Tier 3 analysis reports overdue and hey can you make me 150 copies of this iMovie right now please pretty please and demanding teenagers and the laminator breaks and curse you, full moon, and this checklist is due and fix my computer and will you help me set up an email account and we are piloting this new assessment and that narrative is due and this information is required by central office and oh yeah was due a week ago and iNow is iNever working and please submit a detailed statement to administration about what you observed with student A and student B and reply to every parent contact within 24 hours and THE YEARBOOKS ARE HERE and install this program to these computers and uninstall that program to those computers and final walk-through for the year and everybody needs their documents but the printer is psychotic and be sure to offer highly effective instruction at every possible second and of course in the spring kids are more aggressive than ever and why is there not a Starbucks in every cafeteria?

It's all just May in a school. 

Send your kid's teacher some love today, y'all.