Ethics in Adoption

Well, now. See, what had happened was...I've had this post on adoption ethics brewing for some time. It's such a tricky subject, with complexities within every single layer. I wrote and researched and tweaked but it never seemed to come together just the right way. Just the best way. Just the perfect balance of truth and grace.

But the good news is, these ladies have accomplished what I couldn't seem to at this moment in time. Check out their posts on this essential and sadly overlooked topic in much of the adoption world.

Rachel Goode (Heirs with Christ)

Jen Hatmaker (Part 1)

Know before you click that these are not "feel good" kinds of posts. They are brimming with piercing truth, and it might sting a bit. For many, even many adoptive parents, the questions sparked in these posts are completely new. Frankly, I believe that among the many reasons for this, on a practical and basic philosophical level, analyzing the ethics of any given topic comes only after an individual understands the nuts and bolts of the issue itself.

What I applaud these brave ladies for is bringing these truths to light and inviting the adoption world (particularly the Christian adoption movement) to take great care in asking the right questions of ourselves and of agencies/attorneys/facilitators before and during the adoption process.