The state of our salubriousnessicity

The diet. Oh me oh my, the diet. So the good news is two-fold:

1) that The Captain and I are maintaining our current weight rather than creeping back up,


2) given the nice chunk of pounds we shed during our first month or so, we are still doing pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

I surely to goodness wish that was all I had to say about that.

However, here are our current areas of difficulty:

-as the busy-ness of our life has hit Threat Level Midnight in the past few months, we’ve left “planning ahead” by the wayside. And yeah, everybody knows you won’t be successful with a diet if you don’t plan ahead for your food. No surprise there.

-we are falling very, very short of meeting our gym visit goals each week. That’s a time thing and that’s a parents-of-three-small-children thing but ultimately it’s a want-to thing, and we just don’t. The bouquet of excuses is plentiful and we frequently partake.

I will say that one of the best moments I’ve had recently was going out to dinner with some colleagues and realizing that I am now willingly (not willfully) making the right food choices. That’s big for me, y’all. Without even realizing it, I truly wanted the healthiest item on the menu. And it was really good. And I wasn’t even a smidge disappointed because I got exactly what I wanted.

So there’s that.

Got any tricks for making yourself go to the gym? Please do tell.