And off we go...

A month ago, a few friends and I traveled to this. Created for Care meant so much to me personally and to my family that I agreed wholeheartedly with some fellow adoptive/foster mothers that such a retreat was very much needed in our own area. The scribbles and iPhone notes and discussions on the drive home gave way to serious prayers, countless texts, and a gajillion "reply all" emails.

The vision grew and grew and as it did, Created for Care was blessed, honored, and fulfilled to see us develop a heart for serving waiting, adoptive, and foster mamas in our city. We continue to benefit from their generosity and wisdom.

Today, we opened registration for the Unfailing Love Retreat.

I honestly can't drum up any words remotely suitable to depicting how this feels.

It's a scary thing but also not at all, and it's exciting and I'm biting my nails, but also feel peace that this thing that we've been pouring our hearts and souls into for a month (and how can it be just a month?!) is...well, that it is sacred.

Oh, how we are so eager to serve the foster and adoptive mothers who need this very weekend to rest and relax and receive training in just the right areas to meet their needs, and for crying out loud to LAUGH. Sometimes when you're in the thick of it with attachment issues, you really just need to giggle with some other mamas who get it.

Are you that mama? Do you know someone who would benefit from the Unfailing Love Retreat? Please tell them. Send them here:

And do it quick, because we're giving away one free registration today only. :)