Way Back Wednesday

*Mommy Diaries, star date November 2010

What's Way Back Wednesday?

She saw me fall

 It took my body so long to hit the floor that I actually had time to consider a series of attempts to brace for impact. The living room area was kind of a wreck, and there were items scattered all over the floor. To my slick-bottomed Converse sneakers, it was a terrain of slippery land mines.

I was crossing the room, in a hurry to move something or pick something up or turn something on or turn something off (I don't even remember what I was doing), when my foot hit the bag of cherry pit warmers I had been using earlier for my aching back (one of the girls pulled them off the couch and had been playing with them).

Up in the air I went, feet, arms, legs, everything. Time literally stood still for a moment, and then my body slammed into the concrete floor with its paper thin layer of wood strips. My wrists and hip caught the brunt of the impact as I tried to catch myself from falling. As I caught my breath, and tried to gather my bearings, I looked over and saw that Sassafras had been watching the whole thing. Her tiny little jaw had dropped, and she stood there wide-eyed and stunned, just waiting to see if I was okay and what I would do next.

I examined my wrists, made sure everything moved alright, and slowly but surely regained my footing. Since I happen to bruise like a peach, all I could think was... THAT'S gonna leave a mark. And then I realized the significance of the moment.

Because my Sassafras was watching.

My Sass saw her mommy fall as hard as a mommy can fall. She saw me make a mistake, and she saw me get hurt because of that mistake. BUT, she also saw me get back up. I showed her my hands and explained to her that I was okay, but that Mommy should have been more careful. More importantly, that Mommy should have picked up the bag of cherry pits earlier and I wouldn't have slipped on them in the first place. Then we had a good laugh together, and she assured me that she would be informing The Captain about how Mommy fell down as soon as he got home from work.

I think one of the most powerful lessons our children can learn from us is how to recover from the big falls in life. From mistakes, from hurts, from disappointments. Forget putting our kids in a bubble or protecting them from everything that could ever go wrong, or even from cleaning up their messes and hiding their mistakes...they won't ever be able to function like a normal human being if they don't figure out how to handle failure. And most importantly, how to recover from it. My Sassafras saw me humiliate myself today when I hit that ground, but more importantly she saw me learning from my mistakes. I hope that we both remember this moment in our days to come when we both have blunders to learn and grow from...together!