Story Cubes

Currently wild about: these story cube dice.

I had the incredibly uncommon fortune of being in a store all alone one day, and yeah, even though I was supposed to be buying bandaids or something, these puppies caught my attention.

The way they work is absurdly simple. You roll the dice (as many or as few as your kids can handle; Sassafras can do three, sometimes four, but Pearl...she's good with one), and then make up a simple story including the items on the dice.

Sometimes they're tricky and we get stories like "The compass helps you travel around the world and you can read a book."
But sometimes we get hilarious, drawn-out adventures. 
Especially when The Captain is rolling. He's kooky like that. 

You might be able to find them at Walgreens, as I did. Amazon has them as well. 
*Amazon affiliate link.