HIV and the orphan child

A few years back, a fellow adoptive mom launched a beautiful series on what was at that point considered an untouchable topic in most of society: HIV/AIDS. Like The Captain and me, her family was beginning to pick apart the lies that have been passed along for decades about HIV and AIDS.

Intentionally adopting children with HIV was so foreign a concept to us that while we were in process, we checked the exact same "No" box as Rachel. Pearl is and always has been completely healthy, but even though we brought home a baby who was HIV negative, our eyes have been opened to the facts about HIV in orphans.

This series, posted with her blessing, was the result of Rachel's heart's stirrings.

Quotes that resonated with me when they were originally posted and continue to ring true now:

"And since no one in our family faces this disease, we are free to speak loudly where others may face stigma." 

"Most of America has a view of HIV that is as outdated as acid-washed jeans and 1980's frizzed hair..."

"HIV/AIDS still carries a terrible stigma when in fact it's a condition more manageable than diabetes - more easily treated, and more easily avoidable."

"HIV is not what you think it is.  That is enough to cause you to do your own research.  Make sure your sources are current. You will be surprised.  The disease we labled in the 1980's as a roaring lion has been tamed into a sleeping kitten.  With medication, that is.  For those who have little access to medical care, AIDS is still a horrific mass murderer."

I hope that Rachel's series will be as helpful to you as it was for us in awakening to the false stigma slapped upon the most vulnerable in our world today.

Please do visit her blog for lots of great posts!