A Whole New World

Raise your hand if you sang Jasmine and Aladdin's infamous duet. By yourself. Into a hairbrush.

Yeah, me too. Rapunzel might have a sweet story, but her melodies will never get the Classic Diz sort of notoriety.

I've been taking Sweet Love on a magic carpet ride lately. Thus far her diet has consisted of breast milk, formula, and a wee bit of oatmeal. Avocado was on the menu a few weeks back, and sister has been about five different kinds of excited. I can sense already that the force is strong in this one. Sweet Thang loves some eats, just like her mama.

One half is just the right serving for Sweet Love. 

Smooshed up with a bit of oatmeal and formula. Juice, too, if we're feeling jazzy. 

Done and done. 

When we were in Africa for Pearl's adoption, I was flummoxed that the babies were fed this mixture of avocado, rice, and boiled egg. The more I considered and read, however, I learned that avocado was a fairly excellent choice as a first food for babies. It's simple to mush, too, and here at the Casa de Wilson, easy always makes us happy. Next up, bananas. Then, perhaps carrots. 

It appears that I'm going to have her eat her way through the alphabet.