You know what people say about that third child...

They are more laid back because they have to be.
They cry less, because there's too much chaos going on in life to pay them much attention.
They get sick more, because older siblings share their big kid germies with their new baby immune systems.
They're more flexible because staying on a structured baby-routine with multiple children is impossible.

Honestly, Sweet Love has been a fantastic baby. She cries some, but it's always reasonably explained. She loves to smile and coo and sometimes just yell out if she feels like she's gone too long without proper attention.

Which is rare. 

The four of us spend our whole days loving this little angel. We tell her how cute she is, how much we love her, and what a great job she does burping and eating cereal and drinking her bottle. We tell her she's beautiful and that don't know what we'd do without her, that her thigh rolls are perfectly adorable.

We all aim to please this littlest princess of ours, 24/7. The big girls hate to hear her fuss, so when she cries, generally, they hop to in order to meet her needs. So does the Captain. And so do I.

We pretty much spoil her rotten.

What a great way to spend your days, huh? Being waited on hand and foot, every discomfort eliminated immediately, being told how cute your fat is.

No wonder she's the happiest baby. 

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