What happens at the fish club stays at the fish club

I have eaten some good food in my life, but everything I have ever consumed falls drastically short of the following meal The Captain and I experienced last night at a local restaurant in the city...

-Cauliflower soup with oyster mushrooms, butternut squash, and black truffle oil

-Red snapper on chowder with tiny little bits of bacon, rutabaga, parsnips, baby carrots, cippolini onions, and potatoes

-Warm pear tatin, caramelized apple, poached pears, bay leaf ice cream, and rugelach

The Captain ordered a plate of raw snapper belly, grouper cheek, and tuna for his appetizer, a mostly raw hunk of tuna for his main course, and I swear if there had been a raw seafood item on the dessert menu he would have chosen that to complete the fish flesh trifecta. Yak.

Friends, I am telling you, this meal was out.of.this.world. There was freshly baked bread, freshly churned butter, all the seafood was from the coast, all meat brought in whole and butchered on site, and all the produce/dairy from local farms. After weeks with absolutely no hint of carbs or sugar, it was mind-blowing to taste such delicious breads, sauces, vegetables, and creams. Forget wine, I got dizzy just from eating a piece of bread. Everything was the perfect temperature, perfect portions, perfect consistency, and perfect blend of flavors. It. Was. Amazing.

When I had taken the last bite I could comfortably hold (points for stopping there, no?), I was truly morose that it was over. It was a deliciously unforgettable collection of food.

The Captain and I agreed it was a well-earned splurge, and had a perfectly lovely time getting Bread Head together. It was also nice to simply enjoy the food with no littles needing something wiped. We came to the conclusion that it was fun while it lasted, but if we're going to be successful with this diet, the splurge ended the moment we walked out of that beautiful, ornate front door.

We didn't fall off the wagon; we just drove that wagon the scenic route for a night. I'm happy to report that we have already successfully reverted back to the diet. Boiled eggs and kefir, coming right up!