What goes down...

As of late, Sassafras and Pearl have had some, er, issues on which we've been working. As part of the plan, Sassafras earned a reward of rather median magnitude. Her request entailed some special time with Mommy (yesplease) and a trip to Build-a-Bear (blurg).

One dreary Thursday afternoon, with the weight of a week awash with heres and theres and everywheres heavy on my shoulders, she came to me with proof she had held up her end of the bargain.

And because Mama means what she says and says what she means, I held up mine. Even though I would much rather have climbed in the warm bed with some mint tea and the heat pad set to scorching.

Thus, off we went to the land of the building of stuffed things, with our minds on a bunny and a bunny on our minds.

As we made our way into the mall and toward our desired destination, I stepped on the escalator and turned around to see Sass perched at the top, tepidly reaching her foot out and then withdrawing. She's wholly against hand-holding, but always compensates by sticking close. She wasn't close enough this time. Stair after metal stair spat out of the floor and I was carried away without her.

Come on, I told her, as my own feet descended on the moving staircase.

I can't, she replied. My shoes are too slippy.

You can do it, baby, come on, I repeated.

She froze.

So I did what any mama would do in that situation. I turned and started huffing it back up the stairs.

And yes, exactly what you think would happen, happened. I was climbing and climbing and climbing as quickly as I could, and of course not moving any closer to her whatsoever. A mama can't win against a moving staircase, especially not a big mama with a heavy bag, umbrella, and superlong dress tangling around my toes. To be true, I was fully aware that I wasn't going to make it back to her; I just wanted her to see me try. Surprisingly, I kept at it so long I'm certain there must be a YouTube video out there. It had to have been highly entertaining for other mall-goers as I made a blasted fool of myself trying to run up the escalator.

I knew I had been beaten, and gave in to the force of the people-mover. I held Sass's eyes as I sank toward the first floor.

Don't leave me, Mommy. 

Stay right there. I'm coming back up. 

Her nervousness turned to hysteria and then back to relief as I reached the very bottom and boarded the neighboring escalator going up. Despite our gathering audience (YouTube, I'm telling you), we had a quick hug and chat, and together we climbed on the down side again.

Her adventure must have had quite an effect, because the brown bunny on which she had so most assuredly set her heart actually became Jewel the Psychedelic Ballerina Teddy Bear. Before we left, we'd ridden those escalators four more times...but that's a story for another day.

She still wouldn't hold my hand, the stinker.