Way Back Wednesday: An Introduction

About seven years ago, The Captain and I were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first child. We were all kinds of giddy about it, and wanting to keep out of town family informed about the new baby. That led to a website for our little trio, and we went on to use it for about four years. I posted tons of content...pictures, videos, audio recordings of Sassafras singing or saying her first words, and some other stuff. All was well until the company started jacking up their prices and changing some policies...oh, and not playing nicely with Macs (the horror!). They fleeced me one last time by selling me a disc of my old blog posts...Mommy Diaries, I called them.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we were adopting Pearl. Even then the old website wasn't fulfilling all our webby needs, so I started an adoption blog. It was and continues to be set to private, as the nature of our inter-country experience required that.

From this day forth, I hereby declare every Wednesday at A Southern Ruckus to be known as Way Back Wednesday, in which you shall be treated to a (slightly edited) post from our old website or adoption blog. Some of the posts make me cringe to think about how crazy I was as a new mother. Some of them are nothing short of prophetic. Others bring tears to my eyes to this day, just remembering how difficult our journey has been at times. Regardless, reflection is good.

Let the throwbacks begin!