Sister hearts

These two go together like peas and carrots.

From that very first day in an African orphanage, their hearts have been knit together solid.

They love each other so deeply, which is crystal clear as they play games, make up stories, teach each other how to play new apps, scrap over toys, argue, laugh, push each other's buttons, paint toes, tear apart their playroom, shout, share, pick out clothes, and connive together.

I am so thankful that they are so close. Spend about two minutes in their presence and you'll know it, too; they were made to be sisters.

I pray they stay that way.

This world and all its brokenness will try to rip them apart. It will tell them they can't be sisters because they look different. Because their skins are different shades. It will tell them they don't belong together as family.

I'm so thankful they know better than that, because even on their very worst days of fussing and fighting and whininess, both Sassafras and Pearl know that nobody messes with Sister.

I'm hopeful for their sister hearts' future because theirs is a new, out of the box way of thinking that is increasingly more common than rare in their generation.

Ultimately, I'm hopeful for their sister hearts' future because I know they know God made us a family.