Saboteurs: An Open Letter

Dear persons responsible for the scheduling of American holidays,

As I'm sure you know from reading my blog, The Captain and I are dieting. If I were to meet you face to face, I would love to enter into a conversation with you about your preferences in scheduling.

What, exactly, do you have against our mission to better our health? How dare you land Valentine's Day (a notoriously chocolate-heavy event) right after Mardi Gras (oh, the King cakes) and just before Easter (do not even get me started on chocolate bunnies and Cadbury cream eggs)? How is a person who is striving to stick to lean meats and veggies to avoid all the temptations of these holidays, one right after the other? Talk about beating a hungry mama when she is down.

For shame, persons. For shame.

Are you aware that there are virtually no sweet-dependent holidays during the months of May, June, August, and September? Reassigning one or more of these winter holidays to a summer or fall month would most assuredly serve as a satisfying resolution to this issue.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Choc O. Holic