Run along and get those shots, now!

This pretty little card was in our mail Saturday. It's a Hallmark card. Clearly, someone was precious and wanted to send us a little "happy baby" wish. 



It was the governor, telling us to make sure that we get our baby's immunizations. 

Um, excuse me? 

I have some issues with this. They are three-fold. 


1. Hey, Governor. This is none of your business. Parents deserve wide berth when it comes to making such an important decision as vaxing or not vaxing our kids. It is our responsibility to do the research and make the best decision for our children, and you need to stay out of it. 

2. What, exactly, does one think a cute little "Peekaboo" card is going to contribute by way of influencing parents to vaccinate our children?

3.This was a Hallmark card!

What business is it of a major corporation to take part in a vax-your-kids campaign? Furthermore, the postage expense has to add up quickly for the state. I am a school librarian and can tell you that classrooms and school libraries are B-R-O-K-E. How about saving some of that money you dumped on bully cards and postage and letting me buy some books for my raggedy little library? 

Oy vey. 

{For the record, The Captain and I vax. We believe immunizations are the right choice for our children. But as for you? Do your own research and make your own choices and don't let anybodynot even the governor, tell you otherwise.}  

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