If You Send a Kid to Kindergarten...

If you send a kid to kindergarten,

she will need a new backpack, full of supplies.

When you pack her backpack, she will need a lunchbox full of healthy (in August) or maybe just edible (by February) fare.

When you go to the store to buy lunches, you will remember you need yet another box of plastic baggies for snacks.

As you pick up the plastic baggies, she will tell you that she needs to cut out pictures of orange things because tomorrow is another color day in her class.

When you get home and dig out some old magazines to cut out orange pictures, you will remember that she needs something orange to wear tomorrow, since it is going to be Orange Day.

When you go to wash something orange so that she'll have the right outfit to wear, you will see that her nap mat needs to be washed as well.

While you are taking her nap mat out to be washed, you will see her daily folder and find inside a flyer for a school fundraiser.

As you are writing a check for the school fundraiser, you will remember that she needs money in her lunch account.

When you go online to add lunch money to her account, you will remember that tomorrow is library day and she needs to return her book.

When you go to find her library book, you will find her list of sight words to practice.

As you are practicing her sight words for the weekly test, she will tell you this week they are doing DIBELS testing at school.

When you prod her over and over to tell you more about DIBELS testing, or really anything about her day or her friends, she will realize that her backpack is stuck outside the van door.

And if you drag her backpack along the highway outside the van door, chances are, you'll need to buy her a new backpack, full of supplies.

When you buy her the second backpack, full of supplies, that's when you'll know,

her kindergarten year is one you shall never forget. 

Little Old Sassafras on the 100th day of school. 

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