Cheaters never win...

Well, this happened today...

The Captain and I declared a moratorium on the diet. I mean, it's Valentine's Day, for crying out loud. Chocolate everywhere, special party planned for my kids at school (involving pizza), we've done so well thus far on el dieto, yada yada yada.

Yeah, after having a doughnut and coffee con real leche for breakfast, pizza with brownies for lunch, a coke just because, and a ribeye for dinner...I want to hurl.

It's crazy. We have wanted this food, looked forward to this food, planned our week around this food...and, well, frankly, it was disgusting. Neither of us could finish our dinners or eat our desserts. Instead, we just sat around the table moaning.

And the very bitterest icing on the make-me-sick cake is that tomorrow is weigh-in day and Mama's gonna pay. Dearly.

Forgive me, spinach and leeks. You were right; I do feel like hooey. Take me back and know I'll never turn my back on you again.

* was my original URL. Yes, it was sweet but rated horridly on the pronunciation scale.