Bucket List

I actually feel they're quite silly. I mean, seriously. 100 or so paltry years on this earth is nothing compared to eternity...and make no mistake, eternity's acomin' for us all, friends. Email me if you have questions about that.

But for someone who feels bucket lists are quite silly, I do have a rather exhaustive list of items on mine.

It's just that even though this life for any of us is just a speck in the spectrum of time and space, well, I say live a big one. It's one of the reasons The Captain and I run ourselves near to exhaustion 7 days a week. We want to go and do and see and believe and help and live and love and be. And we want the same for our children, proven by the fact that we will take.them.anywhere. Much to Flip Burger's chagrin...

So here are just a few things on my "this world" bucket list:

  • Harry Potter World at Universal (huge Rowling fan here...the butterbeer is calling me south!)
  • Greece
  • Disney cruise
  • Africa with Pearl (when she is at least 5 years old)
  • running a marathon (Hehehe...as if. Just seeing if you're paying attention.)
  • Seattle
  • Machu Picchu
  • Australia
  • adopting again or fostering
  • red woods and sequoias in Cali
  • Antarctica (Sike! I would never pay to be cold.)
  • Italy. Let me rephrase that. Eating my way across Italy. 
  • learning some Latin-->teaching my kids some Latin
  • Egypt
  • EdD
  • Israel
  • work with middle school, then high school, and eventually college as an academic librarian
  • publishing a personal work (I'm professionally published-yeehaw.) I would so download my own book on Kindle. How cool would that be?!

So what's on your "this world" bucket list?