Soooo 2005

Starting a blog is so 2005. I know. And clearly I have plenty on my plate at the present. What kind of person starts a new blog when she has three young children, a full time job, two cats who never stop hissing, mountains of laundry that never seem to shrink, and also cannot seem to keep up with the other (bookish) blog she already has? A crazy lady, that's who.

Nice to meet you.

As if to belabor the point, it has taken me a solid hour just to bang out these paltry sentences. Baby's hungry and wanting of attention, big girls are splashing water all over the bathroom in a united effort to make my head spin around, and those wretched cats are barreling through every room of my house in a hissing contest where nobody wins.

Yet here I am.

It has been in the back of my mind for several months now...this wanting to start a blog. I still don't have a clear vision for where this thing is headed, but I do trust that it will revive the writer side of me that I have stuffed into my coat pocket for a few years now.

So, to goal for this blog is roughly defined at best, I'm a busy mom with no time to fool with something like this, and my cats are making me crazy.

Sounds like a recipe for success.