Bash Prep for NYE 2018

There are many things the Captain and I get wrong with our kids (the further we get into this parenting gig, the more we realize we.know.nothing, Lord help us), but one thing we like about our style is that we try to emphasize experiences over stuff. Trips, talking, and traditions are at the heart of our family. We love taking trips together - local, regional, state, cross-country, international, wherever we can go - we talk straight with our kids about the big stuff and the little stuff in life, and we hold fast to several traditions that are, far as we’re concerned, non-negotiables for lifetime members of Team Wilson.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home has always been a thing for Matt and me. In the past 20 years, we may have ventured out once or twice for a wedding or other special event but on the whole, home is where our heart is on December 31st. Over time our “let’s stay home” tradition has morphed into a whole day of fun, games, and the best kinds of surprises. After making a list of generally fun things to do, I separate the items into two primary categories: Daylight and Dark. Then I map it all out chronologically. I think our first year we started around 6pm and now I plan so much we have to start it at 12pm!

I always catch it on social media about not sharing our plans ahead of time, so here are some resources for all you parents out there looking to create your very own stay at home NYE adventure.

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Happy planning, celebrating, and memory-making!

What are your plans this year for New Year’s Eve?