A legacy of courage


Is any person in American history more quoted than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Obviously today - being MLK Day - everyone is posting and sharing and reading and retweeting all the quotes on our social media feeds. But just think about how pervasive Dr. King’s words are in modern society. There are MLK quotes affixed on buildings and signs all over our country, in political statements, in email signatures, and in classrooms everywhere...to name a few. 


I’ve read many books, viewed several movies and documentaries, and studied lots of images about and involving Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. 


He was not a perfect man. No one would dispute that. Overall, however, I believe he was one of the bravest men who ever lived. He made mistakes, sure, but he endured unspeakable hardship as a leader of the civil rights movement. He dared to do the hardest things. He withstood the most terrifying physical, emotional, social, and mental threats both to himself as well as his family and friends. 


An orator unmatched in all of American history, he was the person God used to say the things that had to be said. He inspired people to stand up for themselves while also adhering to the principles of nonviolence. He inspired people to find a way to do great work in all their endeavors. He inspired people to action, and those collective actions made a difference that impacts all of our children. 

Today we remember Dr. King for the courage in his words and his actions, but we also remember that it is his words to which we still cling for making a difference in our world today. 


What’s your favorite Dr. King quote?