About 2018...

It's always easy to write in January. Having time off for Christmas break is refreshing and life-giving, and somehow in January everything in this tired old world feels fresh and new. We're all making our plans for things we want to start, finish, do, accomplish, and try, and almost all of us believe - here in January's infancy - that it all shall be so. 

Some believe resolutions are dangerous, inhibiting, and unhealthy. Others see them as positive, life-sparking, and essential to growth. I get both sides, so wherever you are on the resolutions-or-not? spectrum, I'm with you. The concept of a yearly theme, though, is wildly appealing because of its simplicity and reach. 

My word theme for the year has to be TIME. Along with some family-related and creativity goals, the most specific feat I really want to accomplish this year is completing (or at least nearing the completion of) my PhD. If I'm going to manage any of that, I'll have to be really smart and specific and even creative about how I use my time. 

I know I'm not alone in this. We could all do a better job with time, right? What are some ways you plan to better manage your time in 2018? Apps, planners, strategies, etc. are you using? 

Happy New Year and all that, friends.