Life in the Wilson Wild

Team Wilson tends to operate somewhere between Busy and Really Busy. We don't intend for it to be that way, but we (generally speaking) are a family who likes to say "yes" to things. We want to make the most of this one life, and we like new experiences and opportunities and adventures. That makes us our life full in so many wonderful ways and it helps our kids feel brave in trying new things as well. 

But y' the past few months we kicked it up a few notches and are now running what could only be classified as Insanely-Threat-Level-Midnight-Busy. It's almost comical, really. Let me see if I can break it down...

Over the summer, I was honored to be offered a position at what has to be the most incredible school in the nation. It is a breathtakingly beautiful new building filled with precious teenagers and led by a team of the most phenomenal teachers and administrators. It is a place well stocked with cutting edge technologies and receives ample support from the community. It is a dream world, and I still can't believe that I get to be a part of it. The first two weeks I teared up every single day I walked in the building, thanking the Lord in Heaven for providing me the opportunity to use my unique skills within this beautiful, peaceful, and positive place. It is an absolute delight to go to work. I miss my former students and teacher buds so much, but I am so thankful for this opportunity and I hope I never lose that feeling of gratitude. 

That wonderfulness led to transferring Sassafras and Pearl into new schools as well. Our "first day" this year was a mighty big one, and everyone was more than a little nervous. True to form, though, this sweet community has already wrapped its arms around my babies and finding ways to make them feel welcomed and loved. 

Matt and I believe that this place is where we are supposed to raise our little chitlins, so we set out immediately to work on getting the girls plugged in to extracurriculars in the city as well as listing our house on the market - our third time in the past four years. We endured many showings and the stress of constant high level house maintenance...but after about 6 weeks we had not one but two offers on our house! 

We wanted to avoid a gap in closings, so that led to a fast-and-furious search for a new house in our new community. Thankfully, we were led to a beautiful new home that has almost everything we have ever wanted in a house, and it's there we hope to stay for a good, long while. The kids are beyond excited and we already have boxes everywhere in anticipation of the move. 

The house selling and purchasing process has been relatively smooth, but we have hit a snag with our buyer that has caused some continual delays. The sale will still go through, it has just been hard to pin down the date as of yet...which has caused an unspeakable amount of stress on our daily lives and has led to many 15+ hour days away from home. We started out looking at this as, "Hey, we're Wilsons...we can do hard things!" <insert eye roll> And now we're like "GOD, HAVE MERCY. MAKE IT STOP!" 

So, we wait for closings, and we continue to hike up the steep learning curve of figuring out the cultures and policies of three new schools for our kids (soon to add a fourth with Sweet Love's new school), and in the midst of all that? 

You guys. I got accepted to a doctoral program. 

I know, right? New job, two new schools for kids, new city, moving to a new house...why not start graduate school? I applied to this program MONTHS ago (way back before the amazing new job was even a possibility), so while the timing is interesting, I'm so excited about these classes and the program experience as a whole. It is an entire degree in research on instructional leadership and technology and I'm not sure if we've ever had this conversation but RESEARCH IS MY JAM.  

We're happy. We're thankful. We know that all of these are good, good, happy things. But even for us, the family that is used to cooking on all burners simultaneously, we are at capacity. The Captain's work-related travels have picked up a bit the last few months, and most of those weeks I feel like it's only by the grace of God and the help from Gran, Pop, and Whitney that we are even making it at all. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped the ball lately. I missed one of the girls' pickups by 25 minutes one day. I forgot to make the turn and drop my kids off at school/the bus stop another day. I bought $50 worth of pre-cooked frozen meals from a local caterer last Friday AND I LEFT THEM IN THE VAN FOR TWO DAYS. Two very hot, very stinky days. My swagger wagon may never be the same, y'all, and I've considered punishing myself for wasting the $50 by eating crackers for lunch every day. Even my typically on-top-of-things Sassypants has forgotten to study for two tests, and every one of us is basically laying on the floor right now holding up a sign that says "WE CANNOT EVEN."  

Except Sweet Love. That little rascal is sitting on us eating chocolate ice cream.