Jalapeno Poppin' Goodness

My weekly small group just kicked back up, and the theme was finger foods. The Captain has been craving these jalapeno poppers lately, so it was a good time to whip some up for my peoples. It's a pretty simple recipe but packs quite the kick!

Prepping for our group of about 10, I started with 20 whole jalapeno peppers. 

Cut them in half, and scrape out the seeds and membrane, as this is the really hot part of the pepper. I learned the hard way that if you're gonna be handling some jalapenos, then honey, you better glove up. My hands burned for 24 hours and it took a combination of about 10 different home remedies to stop the insanity. Next time? Rubber/plastic gloves for sure.

They are really pretty when their innards are scooped out!

Blend 1/2 block of cream cheese and about 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar. Spread about a tablespoon of stuffing into each pepper. You want it to be even with the top of the pepper.

Ahhhh, bacon. Delicious bacon.... Take your package and cut it in half down the center.

Wrap one 1/2 slice of bacon around your stuffed pepper, making sure to keep the seam on the bottom side of the pepper (this eliminates the need for toothpicks, which are fickle and tend to burn anyway).

Bake for 30 minutes at 350, then turn on your broiler for 5-10 minutes to crisp up that bacon. Watch it closely during the last five minutes or so to make sure they don't burn.

Let these babies cool, and then you have a delicious appetizer for your spicy food lovers!