Parents' Day Inception

There are many, many days when Matt and I marvel at just how wide the Ocean-of-Ways-We've-Jacked-Up-Our-Kids is really going to be. Hey, once Sassafras, Sweet Love, and Pearl are grown maybe they'll find us charming and endearing little old people who still prank them even 'til the very day they put us in a home. What we hope is that they'll have as many crazy stories to tell about us as they have given us to tell about them. Team Wilson: the gift that keeps on giving.

There's no doubt that this one will be one of those things they tell their friends one day about their dear old mischievous parents.

Backs aching from a marathon of cleaning (it's been a while, as we are in the "OMG WHY EVEN BOTHER" phase of CWP - Cleaning While Parenting), we both sat down for just a minute and I hit up Facebook, cruising for a funny video. It wasn't a funny day in Facebook-land, however, so I just scrolled and scrolled until I was bummed out because nobody had anything entertaining to share. Matt, in his infinite wisdom, suggested if it was a funny video I wanted then maybe I should find an episode of America's Funniest Videos. Then we giggled because the obviousness of it had to be giggled at.

Side note: I am an absolute sucker for funny videos on Facebook. What is that even about? Sarcastic GIFs, Principal Gerry Brooks, people falling down, funny facial expressions, kids doing dumb things, people falling down, old people pranking each other, people falling down (Why is that so funny?! It's so mean! I hate this about myself!)...and y'all. If it's a montage, I'll just laugh until I cry. The whole family will gather 'round the phone and laugh until we can't breathe. 

So while still searching for a funny video on Facebook, Sassafras (who was supposed to be cleaning her room) piled up on us. I can't say where the inspiration came from, only that The Captain's genius streak reared its creative little head. He started off by giving her a hug and telling her that he had waited all day for her to realize it, but today was actually Parents' Day. He told her he wasn't really expecting a gift or anything, but he had hoped she would remember. Sass, bless her heart, eyes all wide, started down the "see, what had happened was..." line of reasoning and she went on about how she knew there was a day just for moms and a day just for dads but nobody EVER told her there was a whole Parents' Day for both of us together! And she hugged us and told us she loved us. Matt told her it was okay, we just love them all so much. We love being their parents and in truth we really didn't need any gift at all. Their love is all we need. He actually said that.


It took about 15 seconds for Sass to come running back in to us with our favorite blankets and, clearing the other kiddos out, she announced that their gift to us for Parents' Day would be having some time together to watch a show in the peace and quiet. She closed the door. We high fived each other and talked about how horrible we are as parents, and how we'll pay for it tomorrow when Sassafras goes to school asking her friends what they got their parents for Parents' Day.

Then we switched on the TV, and you'll never believe what was on. AFV!

Double high five.

Before long, Sass and Pearl were bringing me this super amazing sketch of Harry Potter (we've been reading the series together) that they - I kid you not - ran and found a YouTube Kids tutorial for, and drew it up for me because they knew I'd love it. How precious are these amazing little kids of ours?! 

Happy Parents' Day, everybody! I think we'll make this a whole thing.

*Revised to include that actually, Sweet Love was the only winner of Parents' Day 2016. Whilst typing this post she tumped over the whole bucket of mop water and created her own little disinfectant flood in two rooms of the Casa de Wilson. (sigh)