Hopes for the Future

We are so grateful to have the chance to sponsor two kiddos in Africa through Compassion International, and receiving letters from them always zaps the "boring" out of a walk to the mailbox. One of our girls recently completed a "Hopes for the Future" questionnaire in which she told us about places she wants to visit one day as well as her wishes for what she wants to learn about and become in the future. On the back of a beautiful "mchoro" (drawing) of a flower, this sweet precious angel baby shared that she wants to become an artist.

How beautiful is that?

To think, that in an impoverished, third-world country this sweet girl has been so well cared-for that she can think beyond her next meal, beyond today, and through tomorrow. Our family has been supporters of Compassion International for a while, but in recent months we have been able to learn even more about the organization. I am so thankful for the dedication of so many who seek to help, protect, and advocate for over a million vulnerable children and their families.

Through child sponsorships, Compassion enables impoverished children to receive an education, healthcare, and have the opportunity to learn the teachings of Jesus. And in our beautiful little friend's case, they also get the chance to dream about their future...a luxury for far too many children around the world.

Ever considered sponsoring a child? There are many out there just like our girls, on the brink of crisis and waiting for someone like you to help!