The good kind of dizzy

I just submitted my last four assignments for my first semester of PhD level coursework and I am so unbelievably relieved to have it all behind me that I am literally just sitting here breathing in and out and feeling the tension drain from my body. I'm so overwhelmed to be done with it that I am actually dizzy.

In August I started these classes that have been really enjoyable in many ways, but demanding nonetheless. Starting your first semester as a doctoral student is, I'm told, kind of a big deal and you should probably take it easy in other areas of your life to make the transition to this level of academic rigor as smooth as possible.

That would have been peachy.

Instead, I started a new (and fabulous) job that's kind of a big freaking deal for my family. This is the fourth "new school" I've transferred to in my 15 years as an educator, and I know how the process goes with orienting to a new school. It has gone well, as it always has in my previous "lives" but it also requires an awful lot of intentional effort to build relationships with kids and colleagues. None of that has been hard, but it has been busy.

Also, we moved, and that was kind of a big huge freaking deal for my people, too. This was the third time we had listed our old home in the past few years, and we did get an offer pretty quickly but the closing process got extended a few times and that caused quite a bit of stress for us as well as the sweet folks we were buying from. By the time closing came around, The Captain was in Kenya and we decided that as his girls, we could not only handle signing papers, we could also handle moving our whole house to surprise him when he got home. That was a fun kind of stress, but still not easy. 

The new job and new house meant new schools for all three of my sweet honeybuns. We were so overwhelmingly sad to move them from their old schools because everyone loved our girls so well in our former schools. Sassafras struggled a bit at first but is now settled in nicely to her new school. Pearl took to her new place pretty quickly, and for that we are abundantly thankful. Even Sweet Love has done pretty well, though a frequent complaint is that she won't eat the food at her new school. "Eh, she'll eat when she's hungry," I say...and then whisper a silent prayer of thanks that she isn't trying to moon her class.

So, so much new. There have been a few points, at my most desperate and exhausted places, when I looked at my calendar and list of things to do, projects to complete, places we had to travel...and I thought Fall of 2016 is actually trying to murder me.

So many things that we should have taken one at a time, but that just isn't how life has rolled for us - this semester...or, who am I kidding, any semester!

We're already looking forward into the second term and making plans for more classes, more activities, more goals to achieve. For now, though, we'll just be right here breathing and feeling the good kind of dizzy and realizing that Fall of 2016 didn't kill us after all. It only made us stronger.

Merry Christmas, everybody!