Obligatory Resurfacing Post

A swimmer or diver can have all the grand underwater adventures they want, but it stops being fun the moment they run out of air.

Actually, that's a terrible analogy. This is the opposite of that.

My people had some rather monumental things going on in recent months that, quite frankly, made October, November, and December a total blur. These are good things, and I think I'll get to them all here eventually. These are some pretty great things for our family...just not exactly conducive to my capacity to write.

Those of you who know us in person are fully aware that there is never any moment that my people and I don't have a lot going on. We are an ambitious people, always swinging somewhere between busy, really busy, and insanely busy. There are so, so many things we want to do, and so many things that we are doing that even my social media accounts cannot tell.

 *From Unsplash under CC0.

*From Unsplash under CC0.

But sometimes, when it gets truly chaotic, I fold inward. My writer fingers stop working. My writer brain stops working. Even my writer eyes - the ones that are usually observant of the details that itch to be recognized - even they stop working.

But now those writer parts are feeling usable once more, even if creakily so.

So here I am, back to the surface. Ready for whatever adventures 2016 slings our way.