Best books of 2015

You guys, I read so much last year. So much. More than I have ever read in one year...except maybe 2004 when I was in library school and had so many lit assignments I would literally be listening to an audio book while also reading a different book. It was every bit as crazy and ineffective as it sounds, but skimming two books at once became a whole thing for me in grad school. I usually set my reading goal somewhere around 30-50. Last year I went for the big 75...and blew that goal out of the water, I am proud to say! It took every ounce of reading focus I had, y'all. I was listening to audiobooks on my daily commute, reading ebooks through Overdrive on my phone and Kindle, reading books on my iPad, and also reading my way through the monstrous stack of books beside my bed. I read classics, nonfiction, emerging lit, young adult fiction, biographies...everything! It was a literary buffet.

*Image from Unsplash under CC0.

*Image from Unsplash under CC0.

My 2016 goal is...100 books. One HUNDRED BOOKS. The hecto-fecta. If I pull this off, I may need a t-shirt like those marathon runners. Or perhaps a car sticker. Keep your 26.2, babe. I'll take the One-Zero-Zero hecto-fecta.

Best books I read in 2015 (I tried cutting it to a Top 10, but it was just too painful. Top 17 is the best I can do.)

Each of these made my list for a unique reason. For some, it was purely the quality of literature. For others, it may simply have been the significance of the book in literary history. Regardless, they're each worth your time!

P.S. I've mentioned my love for Goodreads a time or two already. If you're a reader or want to be a readers or don't know what to read or just want to know what people who do read read...hop on the Goodreads train. For avid readers, it helps you organize your books into categories, whether simple - think "books I want to read" and "books I already read" - or complex ("dystopian with female protagonist featuring a global natural disaster") and...the best get recommendations from other actual people, not just what Amazon or the brick and mortars want to sell you.

What were your top 10...ish books in 2015? Fellow bloggers, please leave your links in the comments!