Artkive Giveaway

All kiddos are rather attached to their artwork. Even if it's a simple color sheet or scribbles on a sad little bit of paper, children are always proud of their work. I mean, choosing the right shade of blue or cut pattern might be the hardest thing some kids do all day. Our Pearl Girl is by far the most attached to her art/paper scrappage. The Captain and I have to whisper and sneak and use silent signals and hide the things we can't keep at the bottom of the garbage can, and then take the garbage out when she's not looking because she has been known to inspect that trash can. 


I think it has something to do with missing such a chunk of her early life, and trying to make up for that by holding on tightly to every single piece of paper on which she places her Crayola. And though I try to be sensitive to that as her mama, you guys, we just can't keep it all. We just can't. Especially now with our house on the market again, the Beast of Clutter is a monster we battle every single moment of every single day.

Artkive is a tool I use to keep that Beast of Clutter at bay AND protect my Pearl Girl's tender little heart. It's a free app that helps parents save, manage, and organize pictures of children's artwork and the interface is really pure genius. There are three main features that I think make Artkive distinctive among all other organizational apps out there.

1. Artkive easily organizes and sorts your images of your children's artwork, by each individual child AND by their age/grade levels. I can easily locate Sassafras's K-4 artwork even though that was 4 years ago. I do save my girls' artwork, but in the last year I also started saving copies of notes to teachers, things we signed, class pictures, other paperwork from school, etc. Because of Artkive's brilliant organizational system, you can use it for all sorts of things.

2. Artkive includes descriptor fields, that help you remember what the subject or occasion was for that piece of paper, and you can use their handy dandy selector wheel to enter a specific date or just the general year. All of THAT information is very important if/when you go to print a book of your kids' art.


3. Artkive has a print option that enables fast design and ordering of simple books that lets your precious one "keep" their artwork, but also saves you from dying a slow death by drowing in scraps of paper. You have lots of options on this... printing a book for a calendar year, school, year, by individual child or all together, etc. The Artkive peeps have thought of it all!


They also think pretty highly of you guys, because they're offering one of my lucky little readers a...hold on to your hat...a $50 credit toward Artkive printing!

This giveaway will end Monday night, July 13th, at midnight CT. I'll notify and announce the winner Tuesday morning. See the Rafflecopter widget below for all the ways you can enter!

Artkive is absolutely one of the single best family management apps out there.

Download it today (it's FREE)! Just more ninja-rolling to the trash can or crushing your kid's spirit when they discover you had to dispose of that sad little pile of sloppy glittered pinecones.

And all the mamas and papas said "Amen."