Apps your family (and their brains) will love

Here are a few apps this Apple Family has recently enjoyed, though they aren't iOS specific. Your people and their brains will probably enjoy them as well! Summer boredom busters for all your techno-finery!

1. 3D Heart & Circulatory Premium

This app is an interactive 3-D model of the human heart, allowing the user to explore all of the basic parts of the heart as well as see how its intricacies function. Excellent for satisfying the curious and science-minded among us! Its price has wavered, but I scored it for free using the App Shopper app. Basically you go in and set a watch on certain apps and the AppShopper will let you know when there has been a price drop. Plus, AppShopper also provides reviews of each item outside of iTunes, which is a plus when doing your research. Classroom applications for this are endless!


2. StarWalk has been on my AppShopper wish list for a WHILE. At times it was been up to $9.99. I scored this one for free, and Sassafras especially has loved it! All she has done so far is explore the planets, but it's intended so that you can go outside, take a picture of the night sky, and the app will orient you to the name of that particular area/constellation. Coolness to the extreme if you're a NASA junkie like me. There is a kids' version but I haven't found anything in this version that my big girl can't work out. *The only glitch on this one is that they link out "for more info" to (ugh) Wikipedia. not a fan.  


3. The Toca apps are alwas big faves of all three of our girls. We already had a few (I paid .99 for one and got the rest for free using AppShopper) but Toca Doctor is relatively new. I like them as a mom and educator because even though my kids are just playing fun games, what they're actually doing is practicing life/trade/technical skills like veterinary science, human health care, cooking and baking, grooming, and shopping all on an independent level. Sassafras and Pearl tell me they like them because they're easy, fun games that are different every time you play with them.