7 Summer Facts About Sweet Love, Sassafras, & Pearl

The following image contains information about outrageous parenting, total lack of self control, and seven ways the Wilson girls are generally rocking this summer.

the chaos

1. We don't place a lot of emphasis on "matching," as demonstrated by Sweet Love's jammies. 

2. Nor do we get bothered about "getting dressed" at all right now because SUMMER.

3. I scored Sassafras this Elsa dress from Varage Sale because it was her size, a great deal, and will be perfect for Halloween and other fall-related activities. I was adamant, absolutely unwavering, on the fact that this was not a dress up dress for now or it will never last until fall. It was to stay on the hanger, no matter what, until further notice. That lasted approximately 35 seconds. I am a weak mama, a sucker for watching my girls as they dress up and pretend and write stories in the air. 

4. Chip bag clips and baby blankets are totally the hottest accessories for 2015.

5. Before you think we left her out, know that Pearl Girl was very much a part of this whole scene. She was playing the essential role of Lead Provoker and Idea Giver. It's just that she wasn't wearing enough to be cropped in. See #2.

6. Sweet Love is THE BEST at the messy bun. She is so stinking cute.

7. And she better be glad, because she got herself in much trouble on this day. Cutting up some extremely important adoption documents, coloring on the wall, shooting darts at her sisters' heads (whether they were looking or not)...and that was all in just an hour's time.