La leche de almendras

Because I do, in fact, have a minor in Spanish that I never ever get to use, and also because that is way more fun to say than "almond milk."

I spent the better part of my college years thinking about how beautiful the Spanish language is and how ordinary things sound...just...spectacular in that tongue. Go ahead, pick any word or phrase. It is so much more fun en espanol.

Once, while on a mission trip to Nicaragua that would change my life forever, I listened to a church full of Nicaraguans pray aloud (For like an hour. Seriously, they like to pray. We should pray more here.) and it just was one of the sweetest, most profound moments of my life. I also began to wrap up my prayers with "en el nombre de Jesus" because even though "in Jesus's name" is a common public prayer ending in the Christian world, that Spanish way felt and sounded so velvety, so warm and comfortable and everything I think Jesus would want us to feel about Him.

But THIS was supposed to be a post about almond milk.

Which (muhuhuwahaha) I am sneaky sneaky replacing as the sole milk source in this house. I actually love it and have for some time, and the amount of dairy we consume in this house is, dare I say, locos en el cabeza.

We know the deal with dairy and how it's "not great" for your system and how little girls especially are sensitive to the growth hormones pumped into milk. Even though yes we try to buy organic, it's not in the budget for always. Soy is not an option because of the estrogen factor. Some people say that's old info but, just, no.

So anyhooooo. Sass and Pearl Girl are especially fond of the leche, and have very strong opinions about the fat percentage of the milk we stock here. Fat free or 1%? Bring that thin mess here and you're asking for mutiny.

But the almond milk is where it's at, people. The big girls make a slightly confused face but since the thickness is spot on, they just shrug their shoulders and keep on keeping on. It makes my Shakeology so much better and more filling than with regular skim milk or water. It's better for them and it's slightly cheaper. (I think. Cue everyone telling me I did bad math on that or that almond milk is the new Splenda.)

Sweet Love guzzles the stuff. I can't decide if it's the greatness of the almond milk, or if it's that she just likes drinking anything out of this supercute little Barney cup her aunt brought her from Universal Studios. Regardless, we cheers our cups o' leche together and smile.