Father's Day Hacks

I actually don't know why I used the word "hack" in titling this post. They aren't really hacks at all, they're just ideas. But, I guess, then again, all of the life hacks you read out there are just that...ideas. Meh, whatever. This is the introvert in me. I'd rather sit with you and debate the philosophical nature of the word "hack" than to shoot the breeze about the weather or the sports or something else completely devoid of meaning. I also completely disagree on the singular possessive nature of Mother's and Father's Day punctuations. It is a day for ALL mothers and ALL fathers, therefore it should be plural possessive. Mothers' Day. Fathers' Day. Sigh.

Moving on.

So we love some Father's Day around here. Mostly because we have a daddy in our midst that is all of the wonderful everythings in life. I'm sure you do, too, and that's why you're wondering why it's taking me so long to help you "hack" this Father's Day.

It's actually just going to be a boring list. Boring in nature, not in content, that is.

Presenting........I looked for a drumroll GIF and couldn't find one................

  • Saddleback Leather goods - These things are spensy but lifetime guaranteed, and they look AND smell purely wonderful. The iPad case is the most amazing piece, we think.
  • Kindle - Don't get the Fire, just get the plain Jane, black and white, glare free Kindle e-reader. Upgrade to the 3G so he can access it anywhere in the world and pay to get out of "special offers" so your person doesn't have to deal with ads. Bonus points if you get him a case. This one is my favorite because it has a built in reading light that powers from the device.
  • Luminox watch - Oh, you're not a Navy Seal? I'm sorry, I saw your watch and thought you were.
  • ENO Hammock - He can cast his cares away, worries for another day... The Captain liked the double because he's (his words) "bigger than the average bear."
  • Scott eVest - If you have a man who travels frequently, this eVest will make him so happy. It has all these cool specific pockets, enabling the wearer to go mostly hands-free through security, etc. We saw this on an episode of Shark Tank, and I added it to my sneaky sneaky list of gift ideas for Matt. He LOVES it, and has loaned it out several times to other traveling dads because it is made of 100% pure awesomeness.
  • Dollar Shave Club - The Captain tried out the Dollar Shave Club (think Birchbox or Ipsy for dudes) and liked it a lot. You have some pricing options, but basically you get a razor handle and a box of 4 blades (one brand new blade every week) and they typically add a free item in there with it. He goes with the mid-range, $6 per month option, and that includes shipping. He would like for me to note that the $1 option does not include shipping, therefore it is silly to go with that one. His words, friends. 
  • Birkenstocks - Because they're back, baby!
  • Leather Keychain with Latitude/Longitude Coordinates - I once gave The Captain one of these with some very special African coordinates. It still makes us both smile.
  • Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - I got Matt the Blackfins one year and they are his favorites so far. He says (again, his words) they're for big-headed people. Grande cabezas.
  • Matt says that a car cleaning/detailing gift certificate would also be pretty exciting for lots of dads.
  • Also, anything from or suggested by the Art of Manliness website would also be cool and creative.

And there you have it, friends. Something for all the fatherly dudes in your life. A few are affiliate links, but I tried to be sure and link any Amazon items to only those eligible for Amazon Prime's fast/dependable shipping. Also, he says it's just a post about Matt's favorite things. Yeah, that would have been a much better title...