Birthday parties for my babies

The list of things I love about being a mother is endless. I love the cuddles and smells of their sweet little necks. I love the feel of their arms around me. I love their amazingly unique giggles so much I regularly wonder how one can bottle that sound right up to save forever.

One of my favorite times of the year is summer because, well BREAK, obviously. But mostly because it's Birthday Party Season here at the Casa de Wilson. I love love love a good party, and celebrating the existence of my precious chitlins is definitely at the top of the list of Mama's Favorite Things.

People say that Pinterest is the bane of the modern mother's existence, but I LOVE it, man. I don't feel any pressure to live up to someone's pinboards, I just see it as a really valuable resource for ideas...especially throwing great birthday parties on a budget. My "Birthdays for my Babies" pinboard is probably the board that makes me happiest in all of the Pin-the-things-land.

Sassypants just turned eight, and we decided on a mermaid theme. Mermaids can be a bit tricky for this age, since lots of the time it can feel either too young or too old for a kiddo in the middle. Pinterest and Gran (who should absolutely be an event planner) came to our rescue. We had such fun putting together all of the lovely decor you see here. We even went so far as to nickname our dogs became sea dogs, spinach artichoke dip became seaweed dip, blue punch became ocean water, and so on. We even gave her one of those cool new mermaid tails, which has already been so much fun! The setup was...I'm just going to say it...fin-tacular.

The thing of it is, as hard as I try to plan ahead, birthday parties for the Wilson children always end up producing some sort of rather unexpected story. At Sassafras's first birthday party (and also this one), there was a rogue thunderstorm that pushed the crowd inside Gran & Pop's house unexpectedly. At her second birthday party we had rented an inflatable jumpy, which was totally fabulous until it tripped a breaker and the thing collapsed with kids inside. Cue screaming mothers, dads turning into Superman, and hysterical little children.

At yet another party there were some kiddos cruising around in a Barbie Jeep...which proceeded to CATCH ON FIRE. Actual flames jumping up through the melted hood of the Jeep.

What can I say? We are exciting people. We should probably also have party guests sign waivers. 

This party was an adventure because of the thunderstorm, yes, but that's not all. Our house is very recently on the market again and we found out Friday that we had not one but TWO showings Saturday. To ourselves, we said great news, yay! Come see our house, home shoppers! It is the greatest house ever. Awesome people live here and we want you to be awesome, too. But then what had actually happened was...we had to work like some Hebrew slaves to get ready for birthday party, get house prepped for showing, and get out/away several hours before we had planned to.

We also have a sweet little thang hanging out with us for a short time, who needed that big afternoon nap right smack dab in the middle of all the chaos. Thankfully, though I fretted a bit, precious darlin' was 100% kick-backed and relaxed and all cool the whole time. I mopped us all out the door, and we successfully departed in time, leaving a pristine house for our guests' perusal.

Whilst the kiddos enjoyed the AC and TV, we set up the party at Gran and Pop's in scorching temps. The sweat was dripping out of us in buckets. Gran had set out table cloths with fish nets, sand, and seashells. We had fake seaweed, fun food, beautiful decor, fabulous friends, and a MERMAID tail...most of which would have to be dragged inside shortly to escape the storm, of course, but looked fabulous nonetheless. I vaguely remember having to sing "happy birthday" twice, a crazy mad hunt for candles, and hoping nobody got their fingers cut while I served cake. So much was all a blur. 

Returning outside afterward, though, was blissful. Everything was soggy but it felt so nice and cool! We could have stayed out there forever.

Until someone's face picked a fight with the diving board and a mom dove in the pool wearing an evening gown to save a drowning child.

Just kidding...only most parts of that last sentence are true. Everybody's okay, though. The only individuals truly harmed in the making of this party were a few of these little mermaid cookies, some of whom became sadly detached from their tails in transit. Poor unfortunate souls.

Don't you want to join our party list? Pear Girl's is just around the corner! Stay tuned for more great tales from my babies' legendary birthday parties...