Breaking into Spring

If there's one thing every single member of Team Wilson loves, it's travel. We all love to go, fly, do, see, drive, and experience. Typically anytime we have a break in life, we fill it up with a trip to somewhere. This Spring Break, however, we enjoyed a fabulous staycation in the 'Ham. 

Sassafras and Pearl worked on our Spring Break Bucket List for a few days, and by Monday we had written out several things everybody wanted to do. Each item went into the bucket, and the girls took turns drawing out what we were going to do each day. 

Monday we dyed Easter eggs and went to Sonic for lunch. Tuesday we had a picnic at the zoo, visited the library, and got pedicures. Wednesday included chicken wings for lunch (have I ever mentioned that Sass can PUT AWAY some wings???) and a trip to the mall, where they got little outfits for Teddy and Floppy at Buildabear, and some accessories for their Easter dresses at Claire's. Thursday we went to the McWane Center and saw the space IMAX movie as well as spending lots of time in the logic puzzles exhibit. 

Thursday was our biggest day, because that night we also visited a "Portraits of Grace" experience at a local church. It was a really unique setup, where you walked through several different scenes from the life of Christ. Instead of people or actors in each room, there were simple Scriptures and multisensory prompts to meditating more deeply on the details of the life and sacrifice of Jesus. Think real fish by the seashore, a real garden, real incense, a very real scourging post. It was really well done, and like nothing we had seen before.  

After a quick dinner at Firehouse, we finished out Thursday by going to see Cinderella. "Have courage, be kind, and forgive." Great message for kiddos! We LOVED it, although would definitely agree with the observation many others have made that the bosoms are entirely out of control. 

The fairy godmother's transformational scene was the best...that golden pumpkin coach, just gorgeous. It was pretty neat to see the actual coach in real life a few months ago, but more on that another day.

Happy Spring, friends! 

*Not us. Or anybody we know. But we are sure they're awesome. 

*Not us. Or anybody we know. But we are sure they're awesome.