Jen Hatmaker is coming to town!

If you're one of the Cable-Havers in my life, you may have heard of Jen and Brandon Hatmaker from the "My Big Family Reno" show. They live somewhere in Texasland and have several kids, some biological and some adopted. 

I'm of the Non-Cable-Haver Variety, so if you haven't seen her show you may have read her books or blog. She is, and I cannot overstate this, one of the FUNNIEST WRITERS I HAVE EVER READ. 

I'm absolutely a Jen Hatmaker fan girl, and my head exploded just a little bit when I heard she is coming to Birmingham in April! I just cannot wait to see her in person and trust me when I say, it will take all I have not to hug her and thank her for putting words and reason to so many things that swim around in my heart. 

She'll be at Shades Mountain Baptist on April 10-11 for their women's conference, and it's $40 for the Friday night and Saturday sessions. 

Go here for tickets! (Click on the location you want, which will send you to another page to purchase your ticket.)

Jen Hatmaker books you might enjoy (affiliate links):