ASR News: Bham Bloggers, Here We Come!

The only thing that sounds more fun than writing about my people and my city is writing in community with other unique and very interesting people about this here beautiful city. I'm incredibly thrilled to share that I have been accepted to the Birmingham Bloggers society, and look forward to networking with these folks in the days to come! You'll find ASR listed on the Lifestyle members' page, and while you're perusing, be sure to check out all other Bham bloggers as well.

To celebrate, I think I'll give away a new car!!! Yeah...uh, no. Unless you're into the Matchbox kind. But. I do want to mark this momentous occasion with a sweeeeet little Magic City giveaway. Join my email list for details and to enter. I am thinking maybe Steel City Pops or some McWane Center IMAX passes or perhaps some Seeds Coffee or maybe even a little credit at Wheelhouse Salon or The Southern. Whatever I can come up with, I tell you, it's gonna be Birmingham-tabulous. WELL worth the 3 steps to signing up as my email friend

*Subscribe by Tuesday, February 24th to be entered! (And yeeessss, my sweet precious old faithfuls who have already subscribed, you're already included. Love you all! Mwah.)