Are your teens YikYakking?

Among the many apps out there that our kids are using is one called YikYak, which is an anonymous (and highly controversial) messaging app. Imagine...Twitter, only messages are streamed geographically, and with no usernames. Let that sink in. NO. USERNAMES. No form of identity. Participants can say...anything, really, with no consequence. 

I monitor it just to stay on top of these things, and some of the stuff I've read would curl your toes. In some places around the nation, school districts are seeing students and teachers being slandered, drug deals being arranged, and far worse.

The worst I have seen personally is just...crudeness. Remember that movie What Women Want? YikYak is basically like are reading the minds of other people who are in close proximity. 

And that, my friends, is a scary place to be. 

It is important to note that YikYak, with all its flaws, does attempt to work with school districts to protect students and teachers. IT departments can contact YikYak and establish what is called a "geofence."  

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