Thinking about how we serve

Still here, friends. Thanks for those of you still having in there with me. :) Don't let my lack of posts give the wrong impression that I don't have any posts swimming around in this here brain o' mine. What a fantastic year this has been, and I have some posts coming soon to fill you in. For now, there are a few special reads I wanted to share.  

 * under CC0. 

* under CC0. 

Doug Johnson posted recently about the $3400 piece of chalk. His point really hits home. Far too often I see and hear of well-meaning educators who are taking the same old concepts (worksheets, chalkboard lecture, etc.) and simply putting a techy twist on them. Lecture notes transferred to a powerpoint or Google Slides presentation are still...lecture notes. This does not change the nature of instruction. This does not make the experience deeper or any more meaningful for the students. It simply creates a $3400 piece of chalk. As librarians and teachers and instructional technology experts, we should push for better. More. Deeper. Higher. In ourselves and our colleagues.   

Great bulletin board idea for teens and social media: Teens and social media. Twitchy yet? There is so much shark-infested water out there for our teens in the social media world. I feel some days that we're all just standing on the slope in the pool between shallow and deep, and if we take just One. More. Step. We are going to be in over our heads. And with our kids? They don't even know they're in danger...that's the scariest part. This post gives some great suggestions for guiding teens to respecting dangers and putting the brakes on their own behaviors. Which, if I know one thing about teenagers, will be waaaay more effective than us trying to regulate for them. 

The Copyright Comic Book: I'm a librarian. Copyright is my thang, friends. And this is a supercool resource that even our teens will love.