DIY Lotion: the Good Stuff for Thirsty Skin

Pearl Girl's skin is dark and lovely and requires some serious lotion for proper care and maintenance. Sassypants and Sweet Love (and The Captain, for that matter) ALL have some sort of mild dryness/eczema thing going on and also require the real stuff in order to function on a daily basis without itching to the high heavens. 

I love it when people have asked me "if I have tried" certain things when it comes to Pearl's hair or skin. Oh, honey. Let me tell ya. I have TRIED it all. ALL of it. EVERYTHING. All of the moisturizing things, my friend. The natural, the old school, the parabens and the paraben-free. The straight-up petroleum based products and those that are au natural. I have spent a small fortune in haircare and lotionary products, so yes. Yes, I have tried that thing you are thinking I should probably try. As a matter of fact, I probably tried it in store brand and name brand. And I probably tried it twice, thinking I just botched it that first time.

But through all that trying of the things, I finally (FINALLY) discovered the secret to luscious, itch-free epidermis. RAW. SHEA. BUTTER. 

DIY lotion with raw shea butter and essential oils

Here's the be-all, end-all when it comes to my people. Homemade, simple, DIY lotion. We call it "the good lotion" in the Casa de Wilson. It's only on the hard, scattered days that we kick back to the yucky stuff that works so poorly I find myself asking Pearl "Do you have lotion on?" a million times before she can eye-roll her way out into the minivan. 

-raw shea butter (my favorite linked below)
-coconut oil
-{Depending on the size of your batch} 30 or so drops of your favorite essential oil (favorites for skin are lavender, cedarwood, orange, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, geranium, whatever you like...they all soothe dry and itchy skin)

1. Measure off 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts raw shea butter. That part can be pretty doggone messy, but keep the faith. It's well worth it in the end. 
2. Melt those nut butters in the microwave (fine...on the stove, you crunchy granolas). I have tried melting these separately and together and melting them separately seems to work much better. 
3. Pour the melted shea butter and coconut oil together; use your blender to whip until smooth. 
4. Add the desired number of drops of your essential oils while you blend. You will want to make sure those drops make it throughout the mixture, so drop and mix, drop and mix. 
5. Pour off into shallow mason jars (go on and use the regulars if that's all you have but use a spoon to scoop it out or your fingers will hate you after a few weeks).
6. Place in the fridge for just a little while to set.

Aaaaand enjoy! 

*I realize there is a grand lack of specificity in this here "recipe." I'm real sorry about that, friends. It's just that I can't devote any of my lotion-making time to measuring out specific amounts of the shea butter, oil, drops simply because it isn't easy to measure. If you have room for that in your life, there are tons of recipes over on my Pinterest "Potions" board

It's true, though, no matter how you go about it, the raw shea butter is the star of this lotion crafting thing. When I first ventured out as a total amateur in the DIY lotion experience, I researched quite a bit before settling on this brand. I liked their process, loved their price, and people...I cannot tell you how much I love their customer service. Order from them and you'll get an email within the day with the company reaching out to offer support. I asked so many specific questions about shea butter for hair and skin care that they sent me some PDFs with recipes and other support documents. Amazing! A real gem in today's market. I'm linking them before through my Amazon affiliate account, and hope you'll consider this when taking the step to DIY your own lotion and haircare products! 

*Affiliate link included.