KMO 2015 Intensive

Orphan care is a thing we may have talked about a time or two here at ASR, and I am always excited about an opportunity to learn more about this ministry. The Know More Orphans Intensive is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about the variety of ways that exist to serve orphans. On Saturday, February 28th, Altar84 will host the KMO Intensive at Grace Life Baptist Church in McCalla, Alabama...which is wonderfully local for many of you! 

There will be lots of uber-smart breakout presenters (including our very own Captain), with the main speaker Jedd Medefind from Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO). I'm secretly hoping to have the chance to talk to him about this little book.

Some of the breakout topics include:

  • Special Needs Adoption
  • Foster Care: An Overview
  • PreAdoption: Beginning the Adoption Journey
  • Sibling Attachment in Foster Care and Adoption 
  • The Changing Tide of International Adoption
  • Developing an Orphan Care Ministry in Your Church
  • Connecting While Correcting: The Art of Relationships
  • Attachment 101: How to Understand Kids from Hard Places
  • Adoptive and Foster Fathers: Are You Leading or Along for the Ride?

While geared toward foster care and adoption, I think it is important to note that the attachment and parenting sessions are good for any parents of any kids, and especially those who have children who struggle with anxiety or other special emotional needs.  

There is truly something included in the KMO Intensive program for everyone who is interested in orphan care, foster care, adoption, and for those who have already adopted/are fostering/have launched an orphan care ministry at their church. 

Though it will be $30 at the door, the $25 pre-registration will include access to all these speakers, conference materials, and lunch. *For those who need the childcare option for your littles (there is a extra fee, and there are limited spaces available), you will need to register ASAP to get your kids on the list. 

This KMO Intensive is well worth half a Saturday. Get registered today!