The Reign of Terror

2014 was not a fabulous year for our youngest. I mean, yes, of course it was in the areas of health and wellness and sweet chunky thighs and beauty and all that. 

But 2014? We refer to it as the Reign of Terror. But I have to tell you, in these last few weeks we are SO relieved to finally see a break in the monotony of relentless destruction that is our little Sweet Love. 

She's starting to be, like, funny. And - not every time - SOME times when we tell her to do something,, she says "okay" in this cute little voice and then she actually DOES that thing we asked her to do, man. So maybe the Reign of Terror is coming to an end after all. 

She's still swallowing things she shouldn't and she's still coloring on the furniture when we are cooking supper and running away from us in crowds and ripping apart stress balls with her bare teeth and potty training? Do not even talk to me about that.

Just maybe not as much as the screaming and breaking and "Hulking Out" such as we have become so accustomed. 

Either way, even on a calm day, this Sweet Love of ours...she does make the best stories!