The Sheep-Pig (Dick King-Smith)

The Sheep-Pig is the 30-year-old tale of Babe the pig and his interesting journey as a sheep-herding pig alongside Fly and Farmer Hoggett. 

You might remember this version of the story.  

Feel-good though it is, I can't say that I would have ever gone after this one had it not been less than $1 as Audible's "Deal of the Day." I figured, hey, sure. It can be one of my 75, and would likely be something the big girls would like as well. 

Babe shows us that it's always best to treat others with respect, the way we would each want to be treated. This version differs slightly from the film adaptation of course, but the high points are much the same. In the audio version it bears noting that the work is native to the United Kingdom, meaning heavy accents at times and frequent usage of the common name for the female dog. I wouldn't think it reason to sway from the audiobook, just more like a teachable moment and conversation with your kiddos.